What I dreamt about..

Last time I met with Ruela, I had this urge to sneak to Trinoma and buy my very first White Hat. But then it was my brother’s wedding too so I had to go home early. Anyway, after that fateful day I got sick and dreamt about buying and eating a White Hat for the very first time… So anyway 2 weeks later, my brother’s wife told me she already had a frozen yogurt dessert at a mall somewhere near us, although, she was unsure of the name of the dessert house. And then i showed her the images from The White Hat website, and she said, yes, she thinks that was it. SO, i had hope.

Just yesterday, after dropping my brother’s wife off at LRT, my brother and I sneaked into an SM mall here, and looked for The White Hat. First, we went to the cinema floor because that’s where she (my bro’s wife) thought she had it, but then it wasn’t there. My brother told me, that it’s in front of a department store and he thinks we should go a floor lower. Then we walked the stairs, and my brother said, “Ayun!” and i stopped in my tracks, scanned the floor while we’re at the stairs, and when I saw The White Hat, i grabbed my brother’s shirt violently that his left shoulder got exposed, smiled sheepishly at him and ran towards it!


I was planning for that moment, my first buy so I studied this poster at their website beforehand. I chose the Beret combo but it wasn’t available so i chose the Cowboy Hat instead. =)

Unfortunately, my brother didn’t bring his camera so we weren’t able to take a picture. But next time, I will surely have it! Plus, we were just from a clinic because my mom had us injected with a vaccine, so i was only wearing my PE uniform haha! But anyway, I LOVE THE WHITE HAT (even before I got my own cup, thanks to Mariden for introducing it to me).

Next time, I will have only the cocopops to neutralize the sourness. The toppings were adequate but the brownies were a distraction so I finished the brownies off first haha! Then i’m thinking of my next White Hat…

I’m going to make my own White Hat now.. Since I like the sourness of the yogurt, (i love SOUR, i love SINIGANG, i love Willy Wonka’s SHOCK candy), I don’t know if i’m going to add the sweet-yet-sour fruits or just the total sweet candies. But, that wouldn’t be a problem because I would be having a White Hat all the time from now on…

My choices:

1. Plain Yogurt + Oreos (yum)

2. I will try the Top Hat and the Beret

3. I will try their Green Tea flavored yogurt

4. Plain Yogurt + Marshmallows + Cereals

5. And i think there are more toppings in their actual store, so i’m going to pick there. =)

So I was so happy during that day, I finished the whole thing off even before we got to the house. I’m going to order a large one soon. Anyway, last night I dreamt of it again. 🙂

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Character of the week: Andy Warhol « Paulo Coelho’s Blog

Character of the week: Andy Warhol « Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

I’m afraid that if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning.

I look and stare at the night sky and still believe that it’s beautiful. If I can look at my dog Harry for hours or days, not study, or work, I could be the most content person alive!

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Remember Harry?

Please pray for my brother/dog Harry, he’s sick. I’ve already explained here that he’s only with us during weekends and at weekdays with my dad. Anyway, just this Saturday, my dad called and told us Harry doesn’t want to take his usual morning walks. We got Harry during the evening. Rushed him to a veterinary clinic at 9AM the next day (today). We’re forced drinking him with dextrose and forced feeding him with Hill’s Prescription Diet, and he’s taking 1/4 of a small pill once a day. He’s still no good after 12 hours. Anyway the vet says that what we should watch out for is for any vomiting to occur. So far it hasn’t happened yet (and hopefully never). But he’s swallowing whatever it is we give him so I think that’s a good sign.

Hope he gets better tomorrow! Please pray with us!

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Newbie Recording Artist! haha

This is me singing Between the Bars by Elliott Smith! I tried singing it in a higher pitch that’s right for my voice, but it doesn’t fit with the pitch of the background music, so there, the low notes I couldn’t reach. But i will try to upload an acapella of this!

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I said,

My T is never to be found. It is long gone…

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A Research-related entry

HA! *Breathes in*

I just got home from university, walking briskly around campus to catch the time and people.

Last night, I backed out to my supposed-to-be-today plan of waking up at 6AM so that I could arrive at school before 9AM. I have to pay some fees for the machine, buy a serological pipette, buy 2000 mL Wilkins Distilled Water, get the filter paper from the Laboratory office. Then, I realized, I really have to go to my university today to ask for an incubator in the laboratory to make sure that by Wednesday we’re free to use it. So i really really have to go to school.

But then, i decided to sleep more, and planned to go during the afternoon so times I have to consider: at 12-1PM lunch break of the cashier office, 1-2PM lunch break of the technician in the laboratory, and up until 2PM is the availability of the professor who’s generously (thankfully for us) answering our little questions. So when I woke up at 9AM, i said I’d leave home at 12noon so that i could arrive at 2PM. And then after 30 minutes, decided to leave at 11AM so that i’m at school by 1AM.

At 10AM it rained heavily in our area, so my aunt said that maybe it rained because it didn’t want me to leave, like it was a sign. But i really have to. So after 30 minutes the rain stopped, and i left  the house at about 11:30AM.

Arrived at university by 12:40PM. The chronological order of which-one-to-accomplish-first list in my planner was disregarded. While walking I was panicking and shouting inside my brain! Haha! Anyway, i walked briskly, starting with 1) buying of the pipette, I was actually waiting for the saleslady to talk to me because they (2 salesladies) were busy in entertaining some Medicine students in need of scrub suits. 2) walked briskly (again) to the university hospital’s pharmacy. Also waited for my turn, only to find out that they have the Absolute brand only. So i left quickly to catch the time, to 3) catch the technician before he leaves for his lunch break. I deposited the pipette to our locker. Then reserved for an incubator. 4) In another building, the cashier was opened by the time I left from the laboratory. I payed the fee, then quickly went to 5) the Chemistry Department. I was able to arrive at the place just in time before my professor leaves, confirmed some ideas, thanked him and his wife graciously and ran 6) towards the 4th floor of the building to get the filter paper. 7) Returned to the laboratory to deposit the filter paper (lab is open even during lunch break as long as there are students inside), 8) went to the university’s research center  to update the office on my already paid fee for the sonicator. At the entrance I saw my professor and his wife leaving (time was before 2PM), greeted them, and I went straight to the office. My going there was a lost cause because the people I was hoping to catch weren’t there, (even the girl I used to see at the desk). ANYWAY, I left already, my day was fully productive! Everything was accomplished except for the Wilkins Distilled Water.

While leaving, walking around university, I saw my best friend Earle and his cutie little brother. So my friend tells me they were leaving and if I wanted a ride, so i very well said yes! Yehey! While waiting for their car, I also saw my two friends/blockmates Diane and Geanny going towards the research center too! Was happy to see familiar people after accomplishing my work! What a great feeling!

Anyway, my friend Earle drove and I envy him. I will start practicing driving again so my license won’t go to waste!

What a day! =)

/EDIT today was about destiny too! I was very lucky!

I was lucky to run into my professor before he left the campus, that was before 2PM. So I got lucky, didn’t wait for 2 to talk to him at the research center! I was lucky too that when I dropped by the Chemistry Department, he was there! Not in the hospital, nor the research center. And I was also lucky in running into my best friend for a free ride! Before leaving the research center, I went to the bathroom pa, so it was a good thing that we were walking in the same area and that they weren’t picked up at the car park instead! =)

The clock was ticking, and everything was in place. ❤

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Why I liked Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) by Muse

I know now why I liked it. It’s because it’s like a song you hear from musical theatres or broadway. And the way the music video started, it’s like Phanton of the Opera-ish. haha!

I also love the lyrics! Here goes..

I was searching
You were on a mission
Then our hearts combined like
A neutron star collision

I have nothing left to lose
You took your time to choose
Then we told each other
With no trace of fear that…

Our love would be forever
And if we die
We die together
And lie, I said never
‘Cause our love would be forever

The world is broken
Halo’s fail to glisten
You try to make a difference
But no one wants to listen

The preachers, fake and proud
Their doctrines will be cloud?
Then they’ll dissipate
Like snowflakes in an ocean

Love is forever
And we’ll die, we’ll die together
And lie, I say never
‘Cause our love could be forever

Now I’ve got nothing left to lose
You take your time to choose
I can tell you now without a trace of fear

That my love will be forever
and we’ll die
we’ll die together
Lie, I will never
‘Cause our love will be forever

Pictures are from the music video.

I wonder how Edward is so in love with Bella. i have this theory that when a guy finds his the one then, that’s it. He could only be like that, like so in love and faithful to that one girl.

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