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I said,

My T is never to be found. It is long gone… Advertisements

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Last night, this is what I said to myself…

by rgdaniel While looking at the full moon last night, this is what I realized… “I am in the past and in the future, never in the present. It’s like I’m always somewhere else.” That’s who i really am.

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I don’t know why..

but REALLY, to have many hits/views I think one should post entries all the time… Or one in the morning, another during lunch, three entries at night. 🙂 P.S. I am so psyched! I am currently using my laptop inside … Continue reading

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was sicker last night but is now better :D

i hate having sore throats! last night i really had a bad case of one. it’s super irritating that in the middle of the night i have to wake up and puke! eeww.. but this morning, i feel better! yay! … Continue reading

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Logging off now..

because i’m supposed to be sick. And staying up all night is bad for the skin.

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I like my tumblr but it’s always easy for someone to reblog and use that as their entry. As I have realized before, not writing (for a day, weeks, months) makes me stupid. And if I don’t keep a blog … Continue reading

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