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Pour your heart out

My life, if i weren’t living this life questions i have no answers to Those two lines are potential titles to what I want to write tonight. I’ve been thinking again, for the past few nights. Let me mind talk … Continue reading

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A Research-related entry

HA! *Breathes in* I just got home from university, walking briskly around campus to catch the time and people. Last night, I backed out to my supposed-to-be-today plan of waking up at 6AM so that I could arrive at school before 9AM. … Continue reading

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Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson

Here is the trailer of the movie. I watched this with a friend. It was very heartbreaking. We all try to live our way through this life. We always choose to be left alone. But then we realize that life … Continue reading

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Remember Now by Karl Lagerfeld

Watch Part 1 of the Short Movie Watch Part 2 of the Short Movie Ahh! I really love the supermodels’ hair and skin! I love their hair! Love love love. Now, why couldn’t I be tall, skinny (oops, I already … Continue reading

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Sick like a puppy

*photo taken August/September 2009 This picture was taken after our preliminary exams First Semester of Junior Year =). This is my pretty best friend, Ruela. Anyway, we got together just last Tuesday for research stuff. We were supposed to go … Continue reading

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