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Pour your heart out

My life, if i weren’t living this life questions i have no answers to Those two lines are potential titles to what I want to write tonight. I’ve been thinking again, for the past few nights. Let me mind talk … Continue reading

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Remember Harry?

Please pray for my brother/dog Harry, he’s sick. I’ve already explained here that he’s only with us during weekends and at weekdays with my dad. Anyway, just this Saturday, my dad called and told us Harry doesn’t want to take … Continue reading

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My younger brother/dog Harry

Harry was born May 15, 2009. He’s a Shih Tzu. And my dad and I love him too much to consider him not as a dog but actually a member of our family, almost a person. My dad treats him … Continue reading

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Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson

Here is the trailer of the movie. I watched this with a friend. It was very heartbreaking. We all try to live our way through this life. We always choose to be left alone. But then we realize that life … Continue reading

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What I like my room to look like

Nice touch for the terrace. My mom said it was nice although I don’t think she’ll allow me to have the lights. The papers hanging on the wall, this i would like to have. And i already have a wire … Continue reading

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I don’t know why..

but REALLY, to have many hits/views I think one should post entries all the time… Or one in the morning, another during lunch, three entries at night. 🙂 P.S. I am so psyched! I am currently using my laptop inside … Continue reading

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