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Poem June 21, 2010

Written when I was depressed during the day. (written before the realization, refer to previous post) My mind is always somewhere else My hands are in another time and place They move as if I’m holding you and that you’re … Continue reading

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Pour your heart out

My life, if i weren’t living this life questions i have no answers to Those two lines are potential titles to what I want to write tonight. I’ve been thinking again, for the past few nights. Let me mind talk … Continue reading

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Carve your crayons

I got this from an email subscription from STATUS, and the pictures from Design Fetish. Crayon carver Diem Chau and W+K had collaborated on a project for Nike in celebration with the World Cup, a press kit for the Write … Continue reading

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Why I liked Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) by Muse

I know now why I liked it. It’s because it’s like a song you hear from musical theatres or broadway. And the way the music video started, it’s like Phanton of the Opera-ish. haha! I also love the lyrics! Here … Continue reading

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Creativity, lost.

I think I have to be more creative to be able to write a (more) decent poem. Be inspired, read Character of the Week: T.S. Eliot by Paulo Coelho on his blog!

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Last night, this is what I said to myself…

by rgdaniel While looking at the full moon last night, this is what I realized… “I am in the past and in the future, never in the present. It’s like I’m always somewhere else.” That’s who i really am.

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I don’t know why (again)..

but my brain works this way. When I lie at bed at night, just before I fall sleep, my mind writes to itself. It’s like, my mind is working to create a good entry I can post here in WordPress. … Continue reading

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